Links To Other Interesting Sites



Turtle Hill Banjo Co. You'll find a really great selection of new and used banjos at this site.


Banjo Collector. Derek Kindler's interesting new site highlights his collection of four string banjos.

Skanktone Guitars. My brother's "fun" site with lots of cowboy guitars, plastic toy guitars, etc. No banjo ukes, though.


Banjos Unlimited. This organization for four string banjo players is "dedicated to the preservation of the banjo and its music."

Parts, Supples, Instructional, etc.

Curt Sheller. Curt's site offers books, lessons, TABS, songs and links for builders, manufactures, strings, uke Sites and more.

Windy Strings. This is "The" place to get Gotoh banjo tuners and instructional material.

Repairs, Restorations, etc.

Vinnie Mondello. Vinnie is one of the "good guys" in the business. He does repairs and restorations, and also sells banjos.

Ukulele Makers

Palm Tree Ukuleles. John Ramsey builds wonderful ukuleles (not the banjo kind, though).

Ukulele Sites

Catfish's Closet. An interesting site, with lots of infomation about ukes. Check out the "banjo-uke gallery" also.

Tiki King. This site is loaded with all sorts of information relating to ukuleles, including an extensive list of makers.

Ukeland. Lots of excellent learning resources can be found here.


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