1924 B & D Silver Bell Custom Banjo Uke

 Bacon manufactured some wonderful B & D banjo ukes during the 1920s. The fact that they are all scarce today suggests that they made very few of them. This one has red and white rhinestones in the peghead and begs the question -- who was Benson? Obviously it was made to the order of the purchaser, who wanted his name prominently displayed. The dowel stick is stamped "No. 2," with the "2" being stamped over a "1" (or it could be a "1" stamped over a "2"). The previous owner purchased it from a very knowledgeable dealer as a Silver Bell No. 2. "Silver Bell Custom" seems as good a way as any to describe it.

The label on the inside of the rim says "Everything Musical The Talking Machine Shop Norwich, Conn." No doubt this shop was a Bacon dealer, and they ordered the instrument for Benson.

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