Bee-Jay Products Company

This is by far the most unusual banjo uke I've encountered. The label on the peghead reads TIVOLETTE TRADE MARK THE TRIPLE TONE INSTRUMENT. There is another label on the back of the body which tells us the instrument was MANUFACTURED BY BEE-JAY PRODUCTS CO. INC. LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y. PATENTS PENDING MADE IN U.S.A.

The neck and body are made of a single piece of wood. The fingerboard is metal (probably tin) and it overlaps the peghead, where it is stamped MUSIC STEPS PAT. APP'D. FOR. The skin head is 5½ inches in diameter. The metal back rests on a circle of metal pieces, and is held to the body with eight screws.

According to Michael Holmes, who has extensively researched banjo makers, "Bee Jay is a Buegeleisen & Jacobson brand. Probably made by Oscar Schmidt for them since they were distributors and wholesalers, rather than manufacturers."

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