C. Bruno & Son, Inc.

This company was founded in 1834, in New York City. For a brief period of time during the 1830s the company was in partnership with C. F. Martin, before Martin relocated to Pennsylvania.

Bruno distributed a variety of musical instruments, including banjo ukes, which were produced by various manufacturers. Their line included lots of low price items, but also high quality instruments by makers such as William Lange. Many Orpheum banjos, which were made by Rettberg & Lange, bear a celluloid plaque on the dowel stick reading C. BRUNO & SON, INC. DISTRIBUTORS NEW YORK.

Banjo ukes bearing the name "The Vernon" were distributed by Bruno. Another brand name used by the company was "Maxitone." And, of course, "Bruno" was also used extensively. From what I've been told, some of the Bruno-named banjo ukes were made by Wm. Lange.

A 1928-29 business directory lists Bruno as "Mfrs Banjos, Guitars" at 351 4th Avenue, New York City.

This inexpensive "Maxitone" banjo uke has an interesting metal resonator


This "Vernon" banjo uke leaves a lot to be desired, condition-wise. I kept it because of the "artwork" on the head.

A typical "Bruno" banjo uke.

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