This is the start of what I hope will develop, over time, into a comprehensive list of company and model names found on banjo ukuleles. It does not include makers listed on the "Manufacturers of Banjo Ukuleles" page. If you have a banjo uke with a name not on this list, I'd appreciate knowing of it.




Stamped on the the back of the peghead on a plain openback banjo uke.

On the peghead of a Lange-built banjo uke.

Banjo-Ette   A BU identical to the Maxitone pictured on the Bruno page of this site has BANJO-ETTE / ELKHART, U.S.A. on the peghead decal
Blue Bird   A peghead decal with this name is found on plain, inexpensive banjo ukes.
Blue-Boy   On the peghead of a Lange-made banjo uke with blue resonator; back of the neck is grey. Dots on the fingerboard. A low cost model.
Clarophone   A model manufactured by Gretsch, which see.
Columbia   Name stamped in the peghead of an inexpensive banjo uke.
Concertone   This name was used on banjo ukes made by Stromberg-Voisinet and sold by Montgomery Ward.
Crescent   Name on a label on a dowel stick of an inexpensive banjo uke.
Dixie   On the peghead of an all-metal banjo uke. See the Werco page.
El Beco   On the peghead of a Lange-built banjo uke.
Globe   Located in Chicago, the Globe Music Company was in business circa 1898-1940. Supposedly their instruments were marketed by The Charles Meisel Company of New York.
Hollywood   The name appears in a red stencil across the peghead of an inexpensive banjo uke with a closed back having a hole in the center.
Hula Uke   On the peghead, below a J. R. Stewart logo.
KlearTone   Oval label on the peghead of plain banjo uke; it looks identical to May Bell with decal name on peghead.
La Pacific   A round paper label at the top of a peghead (round pot; but also is seen with an octagonal resonator).
Luxor   A decal on the peghead of an inexpensive banjo uke reads LUXOR SUPREME HORENSTEIN NEW YORK. A 1928-29 New York City directory lists B. Horenstein & Sons, Importers at 42 West 18th Street. LUXOR PRINCE is also found on labels, while some just have the name LUXOR.
Mastertone   The name appears on a peghead decal on inexpensive banjo ukes. Probably from Tonk Bros. or Slingerland.
Mauna Loa   Name found on inexpensive banjo ukes with metal resonators.
Maxitone   Banjo ukes are found with MAXITONE BRUNO. N.Y. on the headstock. See Bruno.
National   Name appears in a peghead decal. This company is famous for its resonator guitars. The banjo ukes are rather plain, with a metal resonator.
Neptune   Name appears on a plain banjo uke, probably by Regal or Harmony.
 Nomis    Name in circular peghead decal, on plain banjo uke with flush-fit resonator.




This name appears on a plain banjo uke, on a peghead decal.

The name, and "Made in USA" are on an oval peghead decal on a plain openback banjo uke.

 Penn    A decal reading "Penn Los Angeles, California" appears on the peghead of a plain openback banjo uke, probably circa 1940s.
Perfacktone   Name stamped on the dowel stick of a plain banjo uke, with a star in the peghead.
Pirles   Name on a peghead decal on an inexpensive banjo uke.
Princess    I've been told that banjo ukes with this name were made by Slingerland.
Rex Professional   Name in a peghead decal. Supposedly made by Gretsch.
 Richter   This company made plain banjo ukes stamped "Richter Mfg. Co. Chicago, Ill." on the back of the peghead and "Richtor" on a decal on the front. Richter Manufacturing Co. was located at 2532 Irving Park Blvd. in Chicago in 1930. The company was in business from the mid 1920s to the early 1940s.
 Rolando    This name is on the peghead of inexpensive, but attractive, banjo ukes.
Schoenhut   The name appears on decal labels in the shape of the Liberty Bell, on inexpensive banjo ukes.
Stella   This name is found on the dowel stick or on the peghead (stamped, or on decal). This was a brand name of Oscar Schmidt, which see.
Sterling   The name is found on a peghead decal or dowel stick of low cost banjo ukes. It was a brand name of Tonk Bros. of Chicago. Some decals also have "T.B. Co." in addition to "Sterling."
Supertone   The name is found on Lange-made banjos; I'm not sure if it was used on banjo ukes.
Tourraine   A Lange-made banjo with fingerboard and peghead like the Banner Blue (hearts), except for the name "Tourraine" on peghead.
U-King   Within a diamond, stamped on a tailpiece on a banjo uke with Gumby-shaped peghead. PAT. APPL'D. FOR stamped on the metal flange.
Vagabond   Name on peghead; HARMONY CO. decal on back of the peghead.
Vernon    "The Vernon" is a name used by Bruno, which see
 Victory   Stamped on the dowel stick of an inexpensive banjo uke.
Winner   Name in script on a peghead decal; resonator similar to the Gibson UB-1.
Wurlitzer   Stamped on the dowel stick of a banjo uke.

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