J. R. Stewart Company

Stewart was only in business for a few years. The company, which was located at 2541 W. 22nd. Street in Chicago, is best known in banjo uke circles for its "Le Domino" model, a very distinctive instrument which featured dominos in a circle on the back of the resonator, the sides of the rim, and the fingerboard.

Following Stewart's bankruptcy in 1930 Regal acquired the "Le Domino" name, which they continued to use on guitars, ukuleles, and mandolins in addition to the banjo ukes.

Tonk Bros. Co., a large distributor in Chicago, offered the "Le Domino" banjo uke in their 1930 and 1932 catalogs, with the following description:

"Le Domino Banjuke." Most attractive Banjuke ever designed. Built for tone and has all the snappiness of a banjo. Heavy 7-inch shell equipped with heavy nickel plated rim and twelve professional brackets. Artistic overlapping tone resonator. Fingerboard correctly adjusted and bound with white celluloid."

In the 1930 catalog, the "Le Domino," which was the most expensive banjo uke listed, was priced $15.00 retail (dealer cost on all instruments was 50% of the published price). Other banjo ukes were priced from $3.00 up. By 1932 the price had been lowered to $12.00, while other models started at $2.20. Obviously the Depression was having an effect on prices.

"Le Domino" banjos made by Regal are found with the name "Regal" within a circle on the peghead.


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