The Buster Brown & Tige Banjo Uke

Like the banjo uke on the previous page, this one has no maker's mark. However, it has the identical neck, resonator back, and rim decoration, and so I assume it is a product of the Stromberg-Voisinet company.

According to the man I purchased this instrument from, it was used in a Sears store to promote Buster Brown shoes. Buster Brown and his dog, Tige, were characters in a comic strip which ran from 1902 to 1926. Because of their popularity, Buster Brown and Tige were used to advertise many companies and products. The most prominent of these was the Brown Shoe Company.

The colorful transfer decal affixed to the head of this banjo uke is the same as those used on the glass doors of shoe stores throughout the country to attract prospective customers and alert them to the fact that Buster Brown shoes were available within.

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