Stromberg-Voisinet Company

Incorporated in 1921 as Stromberg-Voisinet, this company's history goes back to 1890, when it was established as the Groeschel Mandolin Company. It was one of several musical instrument manufacturers in Chicago during the early part of the twentieth century. Stromberg-Voisinet was located at 312 Union Park Court, in a three-story building. Henry Kay Kuhrmeyer became president of Stromberg-Voisinet, and in 1931 the company became Kay Musical Instrument Company.

Instruments were manufactured under the Mayflower name by Stromberg-Voisinet. They also produced instruments under the Concertone name, and these were sold by Montgomery-Ward. Pearloid was used extensively on fingerboards and pegheads by the company.

Although not marked as such, this attractive instrument has been attributed as a product of Stromberg-Voisinet. It features a pearloid fingerboard and peghead, and a fancy resonator.

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