This company was located at 1652 N. Throop St., Chicago, Illinois 60622. Werco's banjo uke has an aluminum neck and hard maple shell. The rim is painted with a bright metallic blue metalflake, giving it a striking appearance.The neck is identical to the "Dixie" banjo ukes, (one of which is pictured below the Werco) suggesting that either they were made by the same company, or Werco purchased another company and/or its equipment. The back of the Werco peghead reads "Werco Made In U.S.A." while on the Dixie it says "Patent Pending Made In U.S.A."

According to the wording on the box that this instrument came in, "Anyone will be the center of attraction with this easy-to-play Banjo-Ukulele. It is easy-to-learn for all age groups. You play it like the guitar ukuleles, but hear the banjo sound. The unique design gives you exceptional tone and sound qualtities like that of a full size banjo. The professional features throughout will provide lasting pleasure and enjoyment for years to come."


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