H. A. Weymann & Son, Inc.

Established in 1864, Weymann's first location was 1108 Chestnut Street. Over the years they relocated at least twice in Philadelphia, and in 1931 their address was 31 N. 10th Street. The company sold instruments made by other companies that varied in quality from student to high grade. They had various trade names, including Weymann, W&S (Weymann & Son), Varsity, and Keystone State.

Weymann's "Musical Merchandise" catalog No. 50, issued circa 1931, describes the company as "Manufacturers, Importers and Jobbers of Everything Musical." It is 112 pages in length and does, indeed, include a vast array of products, including some very fancy Weymann "Orchestra" banjos of their own manufacture.

The company's description of their No. 225 banjo ukulele is reproduced below. It is a plain but high quality instrument, having a seven inch head and twelve brackets, with the "Weymann patent neck brace and adjuster." It was priced $20.00 as an openback, or $25.00 with a detachable resonator. The only thing identifying it as a Weymann (other than its distinctive design) is a paper label on the back of the peghead. It should be noted that examples of Weymann No. 225 banjo ukes do exist with fancy peghead and fingerboard inlays. However, I doubt that they made many of them.

The catalog also offered various other banjo ukes, no doubt manufactured by other companies, ranging in price from $2.25 to $12.00. No. 71 was described as "constructed of maple with ebonized fingerboard, having pearl position dots. The back of the instrument is closed. Eight port holes are around rim of instrument for passage of air. Ten nickel plated brackets; patent pegs. Diameter of head, 7 inches." It was priced $6.75.

Banjo uke accessories were also featured, including cases from $1.50 to $10.00, bridges in cedar or maple for 10¢ (the Grover "Non Tip" bridge was 25¢), a capo for 25¢, and a Grover "Ideal" tailpiece for 25¢. Various tuning pegs were offered, starting at 5¢ for a plain white birch peg. For 25¢, a set of 4 "Elton patent pegs" could be purchased, while a set of "Champion patent pegs" was 75¢ and a set of "Grover patent pegs" was $1.00.

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