Palm Tree Ukuleles

If you've been looking for a really great new uke, I suggest checking out Palm Tree Ukuleles. Built by John and Pam Ramsey at their shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado, they are, in my opinion, by far the neatest instruments money can buy. John and Pam build a variety of models, ranging from plain to very fancy. Whichever model you decide to purchase, you will be getting a wonderful instrument that will sound fantastic when you get it and continue to sound better as you play it.

I have absolutely no financial connection with Palm Tree Ukuleles, and I don't stock them in my shop. I put this page on my site because I think that anyone considering buying a new uke should know about the company. The pics below are of my ukulele. It is made of mango wood and has abalone trim. It is not for sale.

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