Auction Records for Banjo Ukes

These sale records, compiled from Internet auction sites, are selected to be representative of the models. We will add listings on a regular basis, with the thought that this will assist those shopping for banjo ukes to determine values. The text in quotes was taken from the descriptions, but is not necessarily the entire description. The sale price is given, and the month and year it was sold. If you find this feature to be helpful, please let us know and we will expand it.


A plain instrument with the name inlaid on the peghead. "Soiling/light rust on the hooks & ring & head.....some small dents & dings on the neck & headstock. This is missing the bridge, & one tuner knob." $68 (5-08)

B & J

"Marked MELE B&J N.Y. on the headstock. Excellent condition, cosmetically shows some really minor marks." $66 (3-09)


Style 1. "Normal dings and scratches." Openback. No case. $356 (4-10)

Style 1 with resonator. Light crazing; brackets nead refinishing. Solid case with some inside tearing. $562 (1-10)

Style 1. Peghead banged. Otherwise looks like fairly decent condition, $305 (12-08)

Style 1. "Probably 1925-27...The condition is excellent, one small chip on the end of the neck." $338 (6-08)

Style 2. Nice condition with "a couple of dings on the back of the tone ring trim cap, and a small scratch on the front of the headstock." $560 (11-14)

Style 2 with resonator. 1926. New tuners and tailpiece. Scratches on back of resonator. $860 (10-14)

Style 2A with resonator. Excellent condition; little fret wear. No case. $1424 (9-10)

Style 2 openback. 1925. "Very good + condition... restored in our shop...reglued the dowelstick, light fret dressing, cleaned & polished the instrument." There was a "previous repair to the heel which appears solid." $500 (1-09)

Style 2 openback. 1927. Excellent condition. Fancy inlays. Original hardshell case. $540 (8-08)

Style 2 (actually 2A, since it has a resonator), circa 1920s. "Original and complete...Planet tuners 4:1, Kerschner Unique tailpiece...original hard shell case in like new condition...been played very little...fingerboard and frets look unplayed...finish on the neck and resonator shows no wear...the plating is almost like new." Overall, conditional is exceptionally choice. $1336 (5-08)

Banner Blue

Plain instrument with "Banner Blue" on peghead. Resonator. Corrossion on tailpiece. Battered original case. $208 (2-11)

"Banner Blue" and design on peghead. Openback. "Needs some work/restoration and cleaning." $102 (6-08)

Plain openback banjo uke by Lange. "Banner Blue" on the peghead. Missing nut, bridge, & tailpiece. Condition appears to be fair. $121 (6-08)


Name on peghead decal. Plain fingerboard, and metal resonator. Original except for new tuners. $152 (6-08)


Blue-Boy on peg head. Blue colored body; front of neck is blue, back of neck grey. "Neck is missing 2 white markers and there is a light crack" on back of neck. Described as excellent, but pics indicate rough condition. Probably made by Lange. $140 (3-08)


"Totally original... excellent condition... original canvas case." $112 (4-09)


Openback; plain, with peghead inlay."Appears in good shape for its age. Is missing one string. No cracks in wood. $129 (12-08)


"Sounds good and is in Superb Condition!" Flush-fit resonator. $112 (6-08)

"Missing one tuner button. Fretboard has some play wear...some scratches to the body." Stamped "Gretsch" on back of peghead. $127 (5-08)

"Needs some TLC." Torn head. $64 (3-08)


Nice condition; missing nut and bridge. Very plain openback. $72 (6-08)

"Excellent condition...maple body and neck in pristine condition with no dents, nicks or stains of any kind." $177 (5-08)


"Excellent condition." $360 (10-14)

"Good condition... perfect set up, ready to play." $81 (5-09)

Good condition. "Needs a good cleaning....and new skin.....knobs are good condition." $47 (5-09)

"Overall decent condition... four nuts missing from the cracks or breaks. Some bubbling to the chrome." $61 (4-09)

"Very good shape...1 missing peg, strings and missing two nuts." $71 (4-09)

"No case." Appears to be average condition. $104 (11-08)

"Good to very good condition." $103 (11-08)

"Nice Early Example." No case. $98 (11-08)

Markings on head, but "otherwise in good condition." $90 (9-08)

Missing bridge, and head ripped. "Could probably use a light cleaning." $61 (9-08)

"Almost new condition...comes with original box." $127 (6-08)

"Nice shape Except Pitting.Small tear in the head." $105 (6-08)

Exceptionaly clean condition. $131 (5-08)

"Needs cleaning, but is in very good condition for its age." $76 (5-08)

Nice condition and all original. $134 (5-08)

"Very good condition." $90 (3-08)

"All original, in good condition... well looked after by a former owner." $151 (3-08)

"1920s; needs a good cleaning. Some nicks." $85 (2-08)

"Light wear, but no breakage or missing parts." $134 (1-08)

El Beco

Name in blue on peghead. "Lange Made" on dowel stick. Per description, well used and missing 3 brackets. $215 (reserve not met) (5-08)


1920s. "Very good + condition." Name on back of peghead. $271 (11-09)

1920s. Excellent condition. 6 hooks and nuts replaced. No fret wear. Name on back of peghead. $343 (3-09)

"Vintage Epiphone Banjo Ukulele 1920's, 8" head, maple neck & rim, heavy-duty rim & tone ring; 15 frets (missing 12th fret) all original." Nothing on peghead; dots on fingerboard. $239 (2-08)


UB Trapdoor. "Very nice condition." The trapdoor hinges were missing. Hardshell case. $310 (8-08)

UB Trapdoor. Excellent condition, with original hardshell case in very good condition. $715 (7-08)

UB-1. Cosmetically good, "with a hairline crack in the side." No case. $449 (8-14)

UB-1. Rusted hardware. "Nicks and scratches" in the wood. Finish checking. Very beat case. $480 (11-14)

UB-1. Good condition with "some cracks in the outer laminate layer." $516 (11-14)

UB-1. "Minor scratches on resonator. Some loss of nickel on metal. Discoloration on back of neck by the tuners." $425 (3-11)

UB-1. "Very good condition...the fret board has very minimal wear...tension hooks are original except for one missing a nut." $455 (3-11)

UB-1. "Wood components have the original finish with no wear....small seperation on the hoop." $283 (12-09)

UB-1. "Super clean - no rust -- no cracks - no structural repairs." Original case. $588 (5-09)

UB-1. "No missing parts - no cracks or chips - no repair work - finish original." Needs "a good cleaning and waking, etc." $585 (5-09)

UB-1. "Good condition... looks all original except for the bridge... Some metal parts show some wear but no rust.... No case." 533 (7-08)

UB-1. "Outstanding condition. No structural problems; cosmetically excellent. Zero Halliburton foam padded aluminum case." $550 (6-08)

UB-1. "Appears all original. There is some surface rust on some of the tension lugs and a couple of spots on the ring. May come off with some metal polish, I haven't done any restoration. Case hinge has dry-rotted and needs to be repaired." $621 (6-08)

UB-1. "Excellent condition with almost normal wear and no rust." $450 (5-08)

UB-1. "Some minor scratches.... also damage done from possibly dropping the piece" (pieces of the rim are peeling off). $400 (5-08)

UB-1. "All original... very good condition... with original case.. in good playing condition." Tag from Hunleth Music Co., St. Louis tacked to front of peghead. Case in bad condition. $600 (3-08).

UB-1. "Perfect" except "there is 1 wrong type of nut on the head mount." No case. $290 (3-08)

UB-1. Excellent condition; original case. $455 (1-08)

UB-2. Fretboard quite worn...tiny veneer scratches on back. No case. $667 (10-14)

UB-2. "Changed tailpiece and bridge... new bone nut...tear on head...the pot laminate has lifted slightly in two areas." No case. $469 (5-10)

UB-2. "Good condition with normal surface scratches, nicks and wear.... some drying cracks on the sides of the pot." $660 (1-10)

UB-2. "Minor wear on the nickle and some very light hairline scratches on the bottom." Canvas case. $665 (11-09)

UB-2. "Very clean" condition. No case. $623 (10-09)

UB-2. "Very good condition." $500 (10-09)

UB-2. "One missing clamp..... finish is good for 80 year old used instrument." $305 (8-09)

UB-2. Overall condition nice, but there is a small crack in the rim. Hardshell case. $480 (1-09)

UB-2. "Very good to excellent condition." $530 (12-08)

UB-2. "Excellent shape. No cracks. Original tailpiece, ebony tuners and ebony nut... Non-original case." $461 (11-08)

UB-2. (In need of restoration with original canvas case....missing a tailpiece, the string nut, head, bridge, end nut on the coordinator rod....some minor issues with the rim....In one area near the neck the veneer is lifting slightly. There is also an area on the inside of the rim where the veneer is lifting slightly." $340 11-08)

UB-2. Section of binding missingTorn head. Wood and finish excellent. Metal rusty. $520 (10-08)

UB-2. "Very nice original condition. No repairs or cracdks or chips. Original case." Later type with "Gibson" on peghead. $1075 (7-08)

UB-2. "Excellent condition...small scrape 'in the varnish only' on the back." $720 (7-08)

UB-2. "Super clean...all Original one hook & L bracket changed...Tuners work fair to good... no cracks in finish." $731 (7-08)

UB-2. "Frets and fingerboard show virtually no wear... excellent original condition and appears to have been played only minimally... back of resonator has a few VERY SMALL scratches...with semi-soft-shell case and lug wrench." $999 (6-08)

UB-2. "Excellent condition recently refurbished with top quality velum fitted, all chrome work replated & body brought to as new condition." Dot inlay. New case. $1240 (4-08)

UB-3. Early type. All original; "sunburst finish with some small marks and dings from past. There is one scuff on the side of the peg head....Some crazing to the finish." $1800 (10-14)

UB-3. Early type. "Some losses on the veneer on the rim and some veneer is coming up... no major grooves in the fretboard." $787 (10-10)

UB-3. Early type. No case. "Finish is great with only slight mars & scratches." $1125 (3-10)

UB-3. Early type. "Very good (not pristine) condition.... a few tiny pecks on the peghead....a small amount of very light corrosion on some of the pull-down hooks...very small age cracks and small amount of buckle rash in the varnish on the back of the resonator." $699 (8-09)

UB-3. Early type. "Great condition...hairline seam finish cracks..." Lamination separation or crack on side of rim. $355 (8-09)

UB-3. Early type. "No cracks or damage but there is some wear to the finish from use. Original case. $760 (3-09)

UB-3. Early type. "Appears Solid But Shows Some Use." Some nicks or scrapes on peghead. Appears original. $1037 (2-09)

UB-3. Early type. "Hardware has some surface rust...the veneer on the outside of the pot has a few small hairline cracks. $1205 (6-08)

UB-3. Early type. "Some fingerboard wear on the first 3 frets..... The bottom of the neck (last frets) seems to have had some kind of repair to the fret board.......aged nicely" Original case. $1577 (4-08)

UB-3. Early type. Excellent condition. No case. $1199 (1-08)

UB-4. Excellent condition, with "only a few minor marks in the wood." $3052 (12-14)

UB-4. "Near perfect condition. Neck is absolutely straight as new and plays beautifully... with original case." $2832 (6-08)

UB-5. Original case. "...from the estate of Tessie O'Shea, English stage star/singer. Miss O'Shea passed in 1995. O'Shea would have appeared with her Gibson Ukulele-banjo all over the world entertaining in variety shows in Europe, Africa, The Pacific Rim, Middle East, The United States and many remote military posts during World War II, Korea and the Suez Crisis....Photograph of Tessie with the UB-5 is included in this auction as is the Gibson Banjo Catalog B-3." $2650 (3-11)

UB-5. Refinished and replated. "Some finger wear on the first couple of frets... a couple of scuffs on the back of the resonator." $2800 (3-10)

UB-5. "100% original...very good condition with no structural defects... shows finish checking and normal playing wear." Original case. $2745 (10-09)

Gretsch American

"2 tight hairlines on back unrepaired." "Original" hardshell case included. $99 (5-08)


"Very similar to Slingerland Maybells... in superb shape" Peghead decal reads "Kleartone as good as it sounds." $117 (5-08)


Banner Blue. Resonator has lots of scratches. Tiny heart inlays. $363 (5-10)

Langstile. Fancy inlays on peghead and fingerboard. New tuners. Case. $550 (7-09)

Lange name and fancy inlay on peghead; metal resonator. "Tip top condition." $455 (3-08)


Plain openback with decal name on peghead. "Very good condition." $68 (11-08)

Decal name on peghead. Dot inlay. Octagonal resonator with circular design cut-out on back. $154 (10-08)

Openback. "Old art work on head." One mismatched tuning peg. $49 (10-08)


"No chips or cracks...... domino design is all still very nice shape." BUT, missing the resonator. $217 (12-09)

"Great shape" but pics show some a couple of dominoes with missing pieces. $270 (12-09)

"Excellent original condition." Some rust on bracket hooks. Hard case. $299 (11-09)

"Great condition, light wear.... there are no chips, or cracks."$282 (7-09)

"Has some wear and tear but no major damage...overall is in very good condition. Still has it's original skin with domino logos." $351 (5-09)

Repaired crack in heel, replaced tailpiece, head, bridge. One fret missing. "The dominos are missing from the 5th fret, but most are intact." $280 (3-09)

"The trim along the fingerboard is loose. The bottom part of the pot and the neck feels loose. The wood has scratches, nicks, finish wear, and soiling. A case is included. The case is in poor condition." $315 (1-09)

"Very minor scratches and blemishes overall... Most all of the dominos are intact." No case. $227 (12-08)

"Very nice cosmetically-Shows some playing wear, minor nicks and dings-Some damage to the script logo and dominos on the skin head which appears to be intact, no apparent holes, rips or tears.Tension hooks are rusty." $217 10-08)

"Very nice condition no cracks...on the skin there is some wear on one of the dominos.... original case." $450 (7-08)

"Good overall condition (no cracks on the fingerboard) considering age. However the face has definitely some signs of wear." Head wasn't original; pieces of the dominoes on the resontaor were chipped off. $380 (4-08)

"Made by J.R. Stewart. Excellent shape, all original parts, finishing and plating intact and very clean; decals 95%; a bit of finish scuffing on the high points of the resonator back; a 4 1/2" piece of binding missing from the bass side of the neck; resonator back separating in several places...all easy fixes." $357 (1-08)


Wendell Hall Professional. "Good condition...complete and functional, skin head, original tuners, arm rest. Finish on resonator and neck      is good, binding and inlay complete and in good condition, some scratching on back of resonator, and cracks in finish on headstock. Some chips in top edge of fretboard. $1000 (11-14)

Wendell Hall Professional. "Includes Vintage DeArmond Rowe Pickup! Definitely well used, playable but could use some restoration. Has some chipped off pieces on the top edge, One piece is loose and I have not tried gluing. Fretboard is well used but frets o.k. $885 (10-14)

Wendell Hall Professional. No case. Condition "seems to be in good shape." $1181 (2-11)

Wendell Hall Professional. Case not original. Tuners replaced. "The resonator, neck, and fingerboard have had a layer of lacquer applied to them in a thick and somewhat nonprofessional manner. Drops of lacquer can be seen on the side of the resonator and on the back of the headstock. The resonator may have been repaired/refinished. There is also some brown paint or tarnish on the tension hoop. There is an added eye hook for a strap on the headstock." $896 (2-11)

Wendell Hall Professional. "As is." Pics indicate that it is in very rough conditon. Original case. $860 (2-11)

Wendell Hall Professional. "Some wear on neck and resonator, with scratches. Slight wear on frets and fretboard. No original case. $1225 (10-10)

Wendell Hall Professional. "Wear on finger board and back of body ( dings, scratches, normal wear )." No case. $865 (2-10)

Wendell Hall Professional. Missing one tuner. "Wood has scratches and scuffs." No case. $802 (10-09)

Wendell Hall Professional. Some veneer missing from peghead. Crack on side of resonator. Original case. $585 (8-09)

Wendell Hall Professional. 1929. "Laquer finish is scratched in places." $1011 (3-09)

Wendell Hall Professional. "Laminate missing from the top/front of the headstock as well as the heel on the back of the fretboard and what appears to be a small nick on the head." Original case. $1037 (3-09)

Wendell Hall Professional. "A light overspray on the face only was applied to preserve the label. All other finishes are absolutely original and in great shape." No case. $935 (12-08)

Wendell Hall Professional. Original case. Overall nice condition. $1025 (11-08)

Wendell Hall Professional. Good condition, but "some repair to headstock, looks like vintage repair." Hardshell case. $810 (9-08)

Wendell Hall Professional. "Overall very good condition with minor scratches... the black neck has loss to the top layer of wood and the underside where the neck meets the resonator there is a bit of wood that has lifted." Original hardshell case. $863 (8-08)

Wendell Hall Professional. Name missing from peghead, and a strip of veneer missing from peghead. Original case missing. $785 (5-08)

Wendell Hall Professional. "Good condition except for a strip of the top edge of the pot under the tailpiece that has been broken off and has been polished down." Original hardshell case. $1050 (5-08)

Wendell Hall Professional. Good condition; original hardshell case. $1136 (4-08)

"Vintage Ludwig Banjo Ukulele with Original Case." This had a starting bid of $995. There was no model given, and no defects mentioned, and it got no bids (2-08)


Plain openback with "Luxor" on peghead decal. Decent condition nbut missing nut and tailpiece. $53 (10-08)

"Patrician Resonator Banjo Ukulele... crease in head... some superficial rust, but overall nice vintage condition." $50 (5-08)


Overall condition good. Some wear on back of neck and to metal parts. Metal resonator with "Concert" on it. $86 (11-08)


"Maybell" on front of peghead. No resonator. there is minor wear. Some light scratches, no missing parts." $375 (9-14)

"Maybell" on back of peghead. Resonator. Star on peghead. "Only a few minor scratches." $385 (11-14)

"Maybell" on back of peghead. Inlays on peghead and design on back of resonator. "Normal wear." $454 (2-10)

Plain openback. "Condition is very good. Has a great dark patina but would clean up nicely." $85 (12-08)

Star inlaid in peghead. Missing one bracket. Chip in peghead. $125 (9-08)

8" head. "Good broken pieces." $192 (6-08)

"Great shape." Looks nice, and has flush-fit resonator. $161 (6-08)

"Slingerland MaBelle (sic) Banjo Uke serial number 24 in excellant condition...Solid hardwood resenator back. No case. Original conition, no repair or mods." $152 (6-08)

"MayBell" on peghead, "Slingerland" on dowel stick. Openback. "Great condition." $132 (6-08)

"MayBell" on peghead, dots on fingerboard. Openback. "Very good" condition. $88 (6-08)

Openback. Star inlaid on peghead. Exceptionaly nice condition, with cloth bag. $204 (5-08)

"Maybell by slingerland banjo/ukulele, needs a good cleaning; measures 21 x 7 inches. $118 (3-08)

"Slingerland Maybell Banjo Uke does need a bit of TLC. The wood is in great shape but does need to be cleaned. Three mother of pearl dots; measures 20" long, has a 7" head, 12 brackets with one missing. $92 (2-08)


"Fine condition...decal partially flaked damage anywhere." Metal resonator. $565 (10-08)

S. S. Stewart

S. S. Stewart Collegian. "Excellent condition. $102 (11-08)

"S. S. Stewart Collegian" stamped on dowel stick. "Excellent condition" but missing one tuning knob. $73 (9-08)

"S. S. Stewart" stamped on back of peghead. Flush-fit resonator. One replaced tuner. $83 (9-08)

University. Name and model stamped on dowel stick. Star inlaid on peghead. "Overall condition is good, finish is rough, cracks in ebony finger board, the veneer on the headstock will have to be glued down." $56 (7-08)


"Appears to have been lathe-turned from a single piece of burled Redwood. The maple neck is straight, showing some honest playing wear to the finish... The patented interior tensioning system is stamped, in three lines, S. SANDSTROM / OAKLAND, CAL. / PAT. PEND." $199 (4-10)

"Redwood burl rim, arched resonator. Neck has inlaid colored wood strips. Resonator has a repaired section, and two surface cracks that have been finished over." Peghead decal label reads "SANDSTROM UKULELE BANJO MADE IN CALIFORNIA THE BEST." $100 (7-08)


Mint condition with original hardshell case. Openback. Star inlaid in peghead. $350 (1-09)


Gold crackle finish; name plate on peghead that says Sovereign. Good condition; light scratching/scuffing." $158 (4-08)


Nicely inlaid on paghead. Marked "Wm. C. Stahl, Maker, Milwaukee, Wis." on dowel stick. Excellent condition. $350 (10-14)


Name on peghead. Flush-fit resonator with green & gold geometric design in center. Plain fingerboard. $173 (3-08)

Stromberg Voisinet

       Maple wood; Design on resonator. "Very light scratches all over." $449 (9-14)

Pearloid fingerboard and peghead. Design on back of resonator. $381 (2-10)

"1930s. Neck, pot & resonator are Birdseye Maple. Resonator is trimmed w/ tortoise binding. Instrument is in overall very good condition, & shows it's age w/ some dings, scuffs, pitting & spotty loss of plating." $275 (5-08)

"1930s. Fancy pearloid fingerboard & peghead are intact & vibrant. Body, neck & resonator show very little wear, scuffing or dings.( 2" of neck binding have been replaced). Original tuners & tailpiece work fine, Resonator shows natural checking." No maker's name. It was listed with a $405 opening bid and didn't sell. It was relisted with a $300 opener and sold at that price (3-08)


Name on peghead. " Label on the back of the headstock says The Harmony Company and Standard Approved." Scene on head. Green & red dots on fingerboard. Nice condition. $225 (6-08)


"Length 22'. Diameter 8 3/4". The Banjo was made by Victory and is #50. VICTORY stamp. Very good condition." $202 (2-08)


"Duke" by Lyon & Healy. "Shows some light wear." $499 (11-14)

"Duke" plus by Lyon & Healy. "There is a slight separation between the tuner head and fret board. The wood finish has some small nicks and wear, but no gouges in the wood." $250 (12-08)

"'Duke" plus by Lyon & Healy. "Very good to excellent condition....some deep wear on the fingerboard above the 12th fret." Original case. $650 (11-08)

"'Duke" plus by Lyon & Healy, made in 1928... The Style designation on the dowel stick is quality instrument is in exceptional condition, appears almost new...The center of the back features a 4” fancy marquetry design. $888 (7-08)


"Excellent playable condition, and comes complete with a vinyl gig bag." $128 (5-09)

Nice condition, with gig bag and original box. $157 (1-09)

"Used but good condition." With original box. $153 (1-09)

"One of the tuners is not original and there is some slight pitting in the tail piece." $174 (12-08)

"Near mint condition." Gig bag included. Metal neck and metallic blue rim. $145 (8-08)


Model 225 openback. Some delamionation, missing nut and some brackets. $255 (12-14)

Model 225 with resonator; original but scuffed-up case. Piece of resonator binding missing. $521 (4-10)

Model 225 openback. "Very nice, straight Ebony fingerboard with perfect frets." No case. $456 (8-09)

Model 225 openback. Overall condition appears decent; missing a few brackets, nut, and head. $293 (1-09)

Model 225 with resonator and original beat up case. "Part of the resonator binding is coming off." Some wear on neck. $399 10-08)

Model 225 with resonator and original case. Exceptionally nice and clean condition except for a small crack and chip on the resonator at the neck heel. $692 (9-08)


Name on peghead, on decal. Resonator similar to that on the Gibson UB-1. Three dots inlaid on fingerboard. Decent condition. $87 (5-08)


Openback. Name within oval on peghead. Extensively reworked and non-original type resonator added. $500 (9-14)

Openback. Name within oval on peghead. Appears to be in nice condition. $138 (4-09)

Openback with name in decal on peghead, "in very nice condition; needs new skin." $76 (6-08)


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